Thursday, March 25, 2010


Wow. I feel SO burdened right now. I spoke with a friend earlier today and we were lamenting all the marriages that are "on the rocks" right now. It seems that I have heard about or even personally know of marriages that are suffering right now. Some are separated, some have even gotten to the point of divorce. What is happening to us? Many of these marriages are Christian marriages. We are certainly not immune to divorce as Christians. In fact, I have heard figures that reflect that Christian marriages are just as likely as others to fail. What needs to be done here? What is going on? In a couple of the marriages I know of, the husband has cheated on his wife. Is this the trend? I recently turned 40 and I just wonder if any of this has to do with "middle age crisis?" I don't know. What I do know is we better wake up and "smell the coffee," my friends. How do we do that? Good question. Husbands, love your wives even as Christ loved the church. And wives, respect, yes, respect your husbands. I tell you, friends, if husbands indeed loved their wives as Christ loved the church and wives respected their husbands, the world would be a different place. We need to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for our friends and loved ones and their marriages. Sadly, it seems this is separation and divorce season. I find it so sad. And also, we need revival in our churches!

Yes, revival! My friend and I were also discussing the fact that our church seems to have "gotten its wood wet." I see much complacency in the lives of those in attendance. I am talking to myself, too, here. Let's band together and pray for our church leaders and members! Let's not let ourselves be deceived by the great Deceiver! Open your eyes and look to the heavens! Our world seems to be falling apart all around us.... earthquakes, government reform, bomb threats! There needs to be a sense of community in our homes, neighborhoods and our churches! Pray for your family, friends and neighbors! Read the Word! BE a friend to someone who needs one! Love one another!

Thanks for your time!