Thursday, January 10, 2008

Planning for the new year

Well, it's been a few days since I last wrote. I've been very busy recently with high school class reunion things. I am on our planning committee and it's been fun. Things are getting down to the nitty gritty regarding venue, date, time, etc. and decisions need to be made. I'm thankful to have several classmates helping me out. (check out the link on the left side of my page to visit our class page)

Our latest news is my cousin, Eric, is getting married in May. Melodie is a great girl! I have met her a couple of times and she seems like the perfect match for Eric. We've all been wondering when Eric would finally find someone to marry and it seems as if it was worth the wait. We all like Melodie very much. I will probably post some pictures after the wedding. They have asked Rachel and Emily to be flower girl and "honorary" flower girl. Not quite sure what an "honorary" flower girl does, but both girls are very excited and look forward to getting a new dress for the occasion.

We are still enjoying our Wii! It is such a cool machine. I even had a couple of MY friends over this week to play and we had a blast. We only have two controllers so I had my friends play while I watched and I am here to say it was MOST entertaining!!! They were both saying I should play and I told them I was having too much fun watching them! Ha-ha! Two grown women playing virtual tennis, bowling and baseball is a MUST SEE!

Things at church are exciting as well. We are having Team Impact back this year (the last time they were here was 2005 I think). We also have new Bible studies starting back up and a retreat as well. Our KidzPraize choir is gearing up for its spring musical called, "The Pirates of the 'I Don't Care-ibbean.'" We get the music next week. Sounds like fun! The kids are excited. Also at our choir/orchestra practice last night the choir loft was "bustin' at the seams!" I was thrilled to see so many people. Our new music minister, Rick, is such a blessing. Our Christmas play was a huge success and it seems now many folks want to be a part of our music ministry. How awesome is that? I can't wait to see what the new year brings to Dallas Bay Baptist Church.

I must go for now and get to work doing "mommy" things I suppose. Thanks for reading!