Saturday, September 8, 2007

The sicklies...

Well, it seems all of us have been sick now. R is finally over hers, E came in second and is now finishing up her meds. I caught something as well and have felt awful the last couple of days. This week has been difficult as my mother has been in the hospital. She's being treated for pneumonia but is doing better. Not sure when she'll get to go home yet. I have been going over there this week to make sure she eats lunch. Dad takes care of supper. Friday and today I didn't go because I feel so bad. Mostly a sinus infection, but I also got sick last night. Not quite sure why. Feeling better on that end anyway. Just wish I could get rid of the sinus stuff. NO FUN being sick! Especially when you're MOM. DH has really helped out for which I am thankful.

E has had his own problems this week getting a root canal for his aching tooth. Once he got home he had to go straight back b/c the temporary filling came out. Yes, it's been quite a week in our household!!

We'll have to see what the doctors say regarding Mother. Her dr. is a former classmate of mine. I appreciate your prayers.