Monday, July 16, 2007

My Magic Shoes

Well, today I bit the bullet and bought some shoes that I need for my old, pitiful pronated feet. No, they were not bought at any outlet store or clearance sale. I had to pay a lot of money, but they do feel good I must say. I have always been the frugal one in our family, buying what's on sale (usually) and being careful about spending too much money. I try, too, to buy inexpensive shoes for the girls since they won't be in them very long.

I wore the new shoes out of the store. They feel great! I wore my Crocs into the store and the guy that worked there said if I have foot problems that I need to just throw my Crocs away. GASP!! My new DISNEY crocs with Mickey Mouse holes in them? No way! I figured I could possible buy some orthotic inserts to put in them... the guy at the store looked at me like I was foreign... Sigh... My crocs (and my "fake" crocs) are so comfortable. Except after a long period of time. Then my knee starts aching, too, because of my pronated foot. Sheesh. Getting old stinks.